President Trump has issued a presidential proclamation banning or restricting travel from eight countries, adding Chad and Venezuela and North Korea to the original list of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

The administration is taking a tailored approach, providing a variety of conditions, ranging from suspended immigrant and non-immigrant travel to allowing travel for nonimmigrants with additional scrutiny.

Since the travel ban is condition-based, if and when the conditions change for any of the eight countries, the proclamation can be changed. Also, at any time, the Secretary of Homeland Security can recommend that countries be added. The restrictions are indefinite, however, since they don't have a 90- or 120-day limit like the previous travel bans Trump issued in January and in March.

Trump administration plans to replace controversial travel ban with new rules

Supreme Court allows parts of Trump travel ban to take effect

The new travel restrictions are effective immediately for those subject to the two earlier travel bans, and take effect Octoberr 18 for those subject to these new provisions.

This ban does not apply to lawful permanent residents, those already in the United States on the effective date, those with valid visas on the effective date, dual citizens who are traveling on passports of a non-banned country, or those already granted asylum.

The ban is tailored slightly differently for each country. Also, like the last ban issued in March, there is a provision for case-by-case waivers, which helps the administration's legal arguments that the ban is Constitutional.

"The travel ban -- the tougher the better," the president said Sunday before boarding Air Force One on his way back to Washington, D.C., from Bedminster, New Jersey.

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Trump issues new travel ban restricting entry from 8 countries
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