Curd dessert with banana


Curd dessert with banana


— 20 g of gelatin
— 1.5 cups milk
— 400 grams of cottage cheese
— 250 g sour cream
— 1 cup of sugar
— 2 tablespoons vanilla sugar
— 50 g chocolate
— 2 bananas

Gelatin in cold milk and leave for 1-2 hours prior to swelling.

The swollen gelatin is heated until dissolved, but do not boil.

The hot gelatin solution to enter the sugar and vanilla sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved. Strain.
Cottage cheese (if it is very grainy, rubbed through a sieve) and beat with a mixer cream.

Add gelatin mixture and stir well again. Mass will be slightly warm.

Divided into two parts, one of them, add the melted chocolate.

White mass poured into a cold mold and put into refrigerator for 30 min., And left to cool the chocolate at room temperature.
On thickened white mass to put half a banana and carefully pour the chocolate mass.

Hide in the fridge overnight.

Form a frozen dessert put in warm water for a few minutes and (1-3), turn, put cheese dessert dish and decorate with chocolate chip and banana.


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