10 New Must Try Dishes For April

We continue to be spoiled for choice as the offerings of new restaurants are abundant and varied.

April saw the opening of another crop of dining places and the introduction of menus by old players.



Apple Cheese Tart by Kumori

Hanjuku Cheese, Toyohashi Pudding and its Signature Cheese Tart—there is definitely a lot to like at Kumori.

Its recent offering translates the all-time favorite apple pie into a cheesy creation. A sweet tart shell is topped with caramelized apples and blanketed with a combo of cheeses. The baked treat is then crowned with a streusel, adding contrast to the creamy texture.

A best seller in the making, the Apple Cheese Tart is on limited run, so grab a box when you can.


Source : http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/260861/10-new-must-try-dishes-april/

10 new must-try dishes for April
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