17 Non Boring Ways To Eat Chicken And Sweet Potatoes

Here's the deal: I'm the kind of person who loves to put a thing on constant repeat for weeks until I'm unbelievably sick of the thing and can't imagine ever looking at it again. It's the reason my mom strictly enforced the only-once-per-car-ride rule for songs throughout my childhood, and the reason I tend to wear holes through the soles of my in under three months. It's also the reason that, while I understand that chicken and sweet potatoes make for an easy and healthy meal, I can't stand the thought of yet another that comprises of a baked sweet potato and a roasted chicken thigh. Yes, simplicity can be delicious, but in this particular case it was so delicious that I ate it pretty much every day for the better part of a year. And now? I just cannot.

That said, are nutritious and inexpensive, and is kind of my favorite. It seemed worthwhile, then, to scour the internet for recipes that call for both of these ingredients but are unique enough to make me forget that I'm more than a little bit tired of eating them together. The following 17 recipes run the gamut from easy make-ahead lunches ( bowls) to guest-worthy dinners (twice-baked sweet potatoes), and adding them to your rotation will guarantee that you don't burn out on the classic ingredient combo. Here's hoping it's not too late for me.

Source : https://www.self.com/gallery/non-boring-ways-to-eat-chicken-and-sweet-potatoes

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