5 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes To Bake This Fall

One of my favorite things (if not my absolute #1 favorite thing) about my boyfriend is that he cooks a mean crockpot buffalo chicken. It isn’t my favorite food ever, but it makes our whole apartment (and the whole hallway in our building) smell warm and spicy and delicious. Every time he cooks it, I smell it the second I walk in the door, and I’m immediately filled with warmth and happiness.

I’ve only more recently gotten into crockpot cooking myself, but when I lived home with my family, my mom definitely knew her way around a slow cooker. And while you can make such a wide variety of delicious meals (and snacks, and even drinks!) that are suitable for any time of year in a slow cooker, in my humble opinion, the best time to take advantage of the wondrous crockpot is during the fall/winter months.

It is easy to start feeling a bit lazier about cooking dinner when the colder months roll around — I get exceptionally lazy and lethargic in the evenings when it starts getting dark early. (Dark outside = no cooking is getting done whatsoever.)

But the great thing about these slow-cooker recipes is that you’ll get all the delicious richness and warmth of flavorful autumn meals without putting in the effort — just a little morning prep, and these will cook themselves for you while you’re at work (or wherever you go all day).

In case you’re not sure where to start, I’ve rounded up six of my favorite and most festive fall slow-cooker dishes that you can make this week (it is supposed to be a little colder on Thursday — rejoice!) to get you in the fall spirit.

Source : http://thefinancialdiet.com/6-super-easy-cheap-delicious-slow-cooker-recipes-get-amped-fall/

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