Don\'t Panic About The Potluck: 9 Fool Proof Thanksgiving Recipes Anybody Can Make

Can we take a minute to send up some praise for processed cheese? We don't know what's in a jar of Kraft cheese and we don't care. Homepage editor Amanda Wilkins' family sets out this Old School Cheese Ball two hours or so before the big meal will be ready. Break out some Ritz crackers and you're done. Her pro tip: Use one five-ounce jar of Kraft pimento spread instead of the roka blue. The Old School Cheese Ball recipe:

Green bean casserole

Butter is the answer here. Lots of butter. Videographer Tommy Noel suggests Paula Deen's green bean casserole recipe, which is just slightly better than the old reliable, the recipe on the back of the French's Crispy Fried Onions can. Deen adds butter and fresh mushrooms (and some other stuff) for a dish that jazzes up our OG favorite Thanksgiving vegetable:

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Don't panic about the potluck: 9 fool-proof Thanksgiving recipes anybody can make
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