Free Range On Food: Making Dairy Free Cheese At Home, This Week\'s Recipes And More.

I wanted to add to this discussion and offer an alternative viewpoint as someone who works in agriculture but also have the burden of being environmentally minded. I agree that fresh fruits and vegetables can't be the vast majority of our land- there would just be too much production. What is possible and could be done is to convert cropland-which is used to grow grains to feed to animals- to grassland. This could eliminate the need for feedlots and the majority of grain production- which is the main environmental problem- would be greatly reduced. This cropland is historical grassland after all. I would caution against the siren song that is "soil health" in grain production. The two are incompatible. It's lipstick on a pig. Cover crops can't make up for the fact that you have to rely on chemical fertilizer, of which, only about 15% is taken up by the plant- the rest goes either down into the groundwater or out to surface water and on into the ocean. Cover crops can't make up for the fact that chemical nitrogen has an inverse relationship to soil organic matter, every time you apply chemical N you burn up OM. You also have seeds coated in fungicides and insecticides that kill all the soil micro-organisms that are supposedly encouraged by the system. Don't let the fact that you can find 2 or 3 row crop producers that are trying to do a good job mask the fact that most are not. Most are not even doing no-till. Some other things that could be done is to drop the RFS which is a way of making Americans prop up corn producers and artificially raise the price of corn. If we priced all the negative externalities of water treatment and environmental cleanup into feedlots and CAFOs, they wouldn't be able to operate either. These are some things that could be done to achieve change in the food system.

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Free Range on Food: Making dairy-free cheese at home, this week's recipes and more.
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