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Hi Joe- I saw you moderate the talk with Alice Waters a few weeks ago and meant to talk to you afterwards but by the time my book was signed I'd completely forgotten. I wanted to let you know that the Jan weight loss challenge you did with other WaPo staffers has really changed my life. I've been massively overweight for years but never did much about it for a variety of reasons, thinking that any diet I tried would not be sustainable short term much less long term because I love cooking almost as much as I love eating.


But when I read about the Buddha diet you were trying, I was intrigued by the idea that it wasn't about WHAT I ate but WHEN I ate, as post-dinner/late night grazing and snacking was my biggest weakness. It was the first diet I'd ever heard of that made me think "Yeah, I could do that". I decided to give it a go around the end of January, starting without trying to change what or how much I ate at all, then slowly incorporating more healthy foods and portion control as I was more active and saw progress.


Though I've made some modifications along the way (I don't have a consistent AM schedule so keeping track of when my "time is up" on a given day was too confusing so instead I have a set PM cut-off regardless of when I have breakfast), I'm still with 'my version' of the Buddha diet today and oh by the way I've lost over 70lbs. Yep, 70. I also added in daily exercising and other lifestyle changes along the way (including an unintentional shift from an everyday meat eater to a less-than-weekly carnivore), but your experiment with the Buddha diet was really what got me started.


I've got a ways to go still, but I'm feeling better than I have in years and am closer to a healthy weight than I've been in over a decade.


ARTICLE 5 Diets, the take-aways: How our 5 staffers managed, and what comes next

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