From Booze To Pie: Doing Thanksgiving At Home Denver Style

Cheerful Tipples for Toasting

Sure, you can have a booze-free Thanksgiving, but why would you want to? If you're looking for something really special for that hostess gift or to pop during dinner, grill wine expert Mary Allison Wright of the Proper Pour at The Source (3350 Brighton Boulevard). Not only does her compact shop have unique offerings, but she can help you build your wine list and lead you to the perfect bottles. Another great place for those looking for guidance is Mondo Vino, at 3601 West 32nd Avenue. The knowledgeable staff can help pair wine, steer you toward a local spirit or recommend beers for the feast.

Of course, if you just want to make sure to stock up on local booze to go with your Thanksgiving party, consider these: On the wine side, Kingman Estate Winery has a great lineup of reds to choose from; Infinite Monkey Theorem offers one of the only sparking wines — Bubble Universe — made locally (and everyone knows bubbles go with everything); and if you would like to pair your turkey with a nice crisp white, procure a bottle of Plum Creek Winery's dry riesling.

For beer drinkers, the options feel boundless, since so many craft breweries exist in the state. For something really special, Highlands Wine & Liquor (4650 West 38th Avenue) offers a large selection of large-format and rare beers, and the staff knows what's what. And if you get on the ball, Denver Beer Co. and Long I Pie are hosting a pie-and-beer-pairing event (tickets are available for the brewery's Platte Street and Arvada locations) on Saturday, November 18, perfect to get some hands-on tasting to help you make Turkey Day decisions.

Of course the pilgrims served cheese boards for the first Thanksgiving. Of course the pilgrims served cheese boards for the first Thanksgiving.

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From Booze to Pie: Doing Thanksgiving at Home Denver-Style
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