Good Eats: The Health Benefits Of Green Beans ( Recipes)

“Glucosinolates” may not roll off the tongue, but these powerful compounds boost production of detoxifying enzymes that keep your cells clear of free-radical damage (basically, when rogue molecules attack your cells). Garden cress, which has a sharp, peppery flavor, leads the pack of leafy greens when it comes to glucosinolate. But if it’s hard to find this not-so-common garden vegetable at the grocery store, reach for mustard greens instead. One half-cup serving delivers 79 mg of glucosinolates (compared to garden cress’ 98)—more than cauliflower, broccoli, and red cabbage combined.

Bonus: Sautéed mustard greens may be a secret cholesterol killer during digestion. In a recent study, mustard greens and kale both outperformed cabbage, broccoli, and green papers when it came to binding with cholesterol and carrying the artery-clogging compound out of the body. Keep in mind that boiled, steamed, or raw mustard greens weren’t as effective as the sautéed version.

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