Grilled Chicken Caesar Avocado Salad

Chefs Anthony Hoff and Robby Bushman went hunting last year for a restaurant space to house their new fast-casual taqueria, and found the perfect kitchen in Parkland. It was cheap, pre-furnished, and hidden amid the humble ambiance of pretzels, gushing soda fountains and multicolored air fresheners of a Chevron gas station.

In October, Los Bocados marked its first anniversary as a gas-station restaurant on the northwest corner of Hillsboro Boulevard and State Road 7, serving build-your-own carne asada burritos, guajillo chicken quesadillas and citrus pork tacos. Diners eat on metal stools or a long, communal-style table, both near windows offering exquisite views of the gas pumps.

“You don’t come across gas-station food that looks and tastes this good,” says Hoff, who is also executive chef at Boca Raton City Fish Market. “It’s a great little space with low overhead.”

The bacon-wrapped dates at El Carajo.
Dianne Rubin / Miami Food Pug / Courtesy