Homemade Gnocchi, An Easy Two Ingredient Recipe

If you've ever tried a bowl of fresh 

homemade gnocchi, you'll know that the soft pillowy cushions are as much a pleasure for the soul as the stomach.

Infact, it's little surprise that the small Italian dumplings are loved by a nation. And while homemade gnocchi takes on a regional spin depending where they hail from around the country, they always make a wonderful comforting meal complete bathed in tasty sauces from velvety tomato to creamy gorgonzola.

If you want to learn how to make authentic Italian gnocchi, where better to start than in the expert hands of the Italian 

Simili sisters. In the film below you can see the charasmatic duo hard at work in their kitchen making classic homemade gnocchi.

Once you've mastered gnocchi like an Italian, you'll soon be ready for some more exciting ways to get creative with gnocchi, like a vibrant 

beetroot gnocchi or chef

inspired heriloom carrot gnocchi. Find these recipes and more below:

Join the Simili sisters making Italian gnocchi in their home kitchen:

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Homemade Gnocchi Recipes



Valeria and

Margherita Simili make this traditional Italian gnocchi with just two ingredients, potatoes and white semolina flour. A pefect start to your gnocchi journey.



Ryan Clift gave us this recipe which will stretch even accomplished cooks to produce this exceptional looking dish.


A tasty vegan dish prepared by chef >Carla Aradelli:

'pisarei', this is a traditional Italian spelt bread gnocchi, served with cherry tomatoes and capers.

Beet Flavoured Gnocchi>

Beet puts a vibrant spin on potoato gnocchi imparting a distinctive purple colour against the vibrant green pesto topping.

If the

Simili sisters have inspired you to go DIY at home, try another one of their unmissable guides to make

tagliatelle at home:

via Fine Dining Lovers



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