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We've already professed our love of soup on multiple occasions this season (see decadent cauliflower soup recipes and low-carb soup recipes for reference). But the temps outside of our Los Angeles headquarters have yet to dip below a sweltering 75 degrees. So if you live in a place where the weather is chilly, we have to admit that we're jealous. Sure, we've transitioned our homes for the season, but is it really fall until you've enjoyed a hearty bowl of something delicious?

Without a meteorological excuse for serving up ladlefuls of steaming hot soup, we're rounding up of our favorite vegetarian-friendly recipes to keep on hand for the much-anticipated moment when the forecast predicts cooler temps. From a Thai-inspired laksa to an autumnal twist on minestrone, we've found a selection of vegetarian soup recipes that are so good even staunch carnivores will want seconds.

Ahead are seven recipes that'll make you want to grab a ladle and start serving soup stat.

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