Teens In ‘Operation: Will To Kill\' Chat Group Not Charged; Parents, Students Outraged

Students and parents filled Liberty High school’s auditorium on Monday evening, after learning that several students will not face charges in connection to disturbing messages circulated in a group chat.

Those students, in the group chat, were using the app known as ‘Discord’.

“Operation: Will to Kill was the name of this chat,” said Lieutenant James Hartman. “They did use the words murder, kill and other things, very alarming.”

The Sheriff’s office says six teens were part of the private group chat, which featured vile comments about one particular schoolmate.

At one point the group chat participants said the student they were dissing may “shoot up the school” or have a “school shooter list”.

Although many parents believe the messages in the group chat were threats, the sheriff’s office says the county law simply doesn’t allow them to take action legally.

“The laws have not caught up with the technology that we’re dealing with inside this scenario,” said Sheriff Robert Mosier.

Read more here about their reason.

That fact isn’t sitting well with many in the community.

“You guys aren’t doing anything, you can’t sit here and tell me that you are,” said one student who was bullied at Liberty High School in the past.

“I’ve never ever…ever been more disappointed in this community or this high school or our lawmakers than I am right now,” said a parent who read the messages.

“We cannot wait for somebody to come in here and snap….I don’t have to remind everyone that’s in this room about the Columbine shooting,” said another woman at the town hall.

School officials say they cannot identify the students in the group chat or comment on their status with the school.

Many parents have been calling for them to be expelled.

Source : http://wjla.com/news/local/officials-teens-wrote-in-group-chat-that-fellow-student-might-shoot-up-their-va-school

Teens in ‘Operation: Will to Kill' chat group not charged; parents, students outraged
UPDATED: Parents: Trust broken after handling of Liberty ‘Will to Kill’ chat threats
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