The Best Products You Can Buy At Milburn Orchards

Milburn Orchards, a family-owned farm that offers pick-your-own produce and homemade baked goods, is located in Elkton, Maryland and is a must-go during the fall season. It's a popular spot for University of Delaware students, especially for clubs and Greek organizations. During the fall, you can pick a wide variety of apples, choose your own pumpkin and check out the store to discover all the snacks, jams and desserts they have. To make deciding what to buy a little easier, I've compiled a list of some of my personal favorite products that Milburn has to offer.   

1. Apple Cider

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Apple cider and fall go hand-in-hand, and Milburn makes a cider that you can't miss. It's thick and sweet, and you can drink it in a variety of ways. Have it warm or cold, or if you're feeling fancy, include it in a mixed drink. You can get this cider in a half gallon or gallon jug, but fall only comes around once a year, so I say treat yourself to the larger size. 

2. Apple Cider Donuts

Carolyn Prieto

Did you really go to Milburn if you didn't get their apple cider donuts? People rave about them and for good reason. These donuts are made with Milburn's signature apple cider and rolled in sugar after coming out of the fryer. You can buy them in bulk in the store and eat them for days, or buy them warm outside. Either way, these are a must-have from the orchard.

3. Pecan Pumpkin Butter

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Milburn Orchards offers a multitude of jams, jellies and butters. One of my favorites is the pecan pumpkin butter. It has a unique flavor, almost like pumpkin pie in a spreadable form. The pecan pieces offer some crunch, and complement the pumpkin well. This butter can be put on many different foods, including crackers, cookies and pumpkin bread if you're a true pumpkin fan.

4. Cinnamon Honey Pretzel Grahams

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When you think of an apple orchard, it probably wouldn't occur to you to buy pretzels there. I just happened to pick up these pretzels when I was at Milburn and they have become one of my new favorite snacks. They're sweet from the honey, with a touch of spice from the cinnamon. If you want to jazz them up, I'd recommend dipping them in peanut butter, or Nutella if you have a big sweet tooth.

5. Ice Cream

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Milburn offers a wide variety of ice cream flavors, including fall-inspired varieties like pumpkin, ginger snap, and apple pie. They also have flavors with unique names, such as Cookie Monster and Minty Moo. I ordered the Tractor Tracks ice cream, which is perfect for peanut butter lovers. It had peanut butter swirls and Reese's cups mixed in. Unfortunately, Milburn doesn't sell pints of their ice cream, so make sure you hit up the food stand outside the store to get a cup or cone, or get the best of both worlds and have an apple cider donut topped with ice cream.

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The Best Products You Can Buy at Milburn Orchards
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