The Absolute Best Places To Eat Out In Goa


nfantria is a very simple looking place in Calangute, with a dozen bikes parked outside, the entrance has a bustling bakery with locals thronging for bread and pastries, it has some tables downstairs, and a mezzanine section.

The waiters keep darting up and down and this place is always full, not just with tourists but even the locals eat here.

The reason is very simple.

The minute you enter the place you can smell the freshly made masala they use on a daily basis.

They have an extensive Continental menu and the mandatory Indian/Chinese one, but skip past all that and go to their limited Goan food menu.

Order anything and everything from it and trust me you won't be disappointed because they take time with their dishes and when they come to you it is like eating home-cooked food goodness in your mouth.

This is one place I didn't even stop to take pictures because it is not about the ambience or the service or presentation, go here for the food, and the mandatory bottle of beer that goes along with any meal in Goa.


A Reverie is a place I went two years ago and have been going there ever since. This lovely restaurant created within an old colonial bungalow is designed in a unique way, which can only be described either by being there or seeing some of the images I have clicked.

Earlier I have eaten the normal way, which is having a starter or two (Baked Camembert, Goat cheese salad with beetroot, aged balsamic, rocket leaves, walnut, orange, boneless chicken wings with terayaki marinade with soy, mirin and honey) and then ordering main course (this time the menu had changed for the new season) followed by dessert.

This time I wanted to try out as many starters as I could, so mini Tacos with pulled pork topped with iceberg, sour cream and jalapeno, Chicken liver pate canapes which are so melt in your mouth that I had to order two portions of the dish, the Wasabi prawns bunched up on long tooth picks covered in wasabi mayonnaise, nori seaweed and furikake which is a dry Japanese condiment of dried and ground fish, sesame etc), Spanish chorizo salami bruschetta, the bread base being the goan poi.

When it came to drinks, I have a problem. I can never ever get high in Goa!

No amount of drinks does the trick so I try to taste all the tasty cocktails and I was keen to find out what could they do to the lamest choice for a cocktail, a Long Island Iced tea.

I'm glad I choose it because I had the best LIT of my life infused with fresh strawberries it was a revelation and for the second rink it was a passion fruit mojito, the last time I had a passion fruit mojito was in Kandy, Sri Lanka, to have it here brought memories and a big smile to the already stuffed face.

Obviously dessert was out of the question but I have had their trilogy desert platter before the Chocolate platter with Belgian chocolate parfait, warm chocolate pudding, salt caramel ice cream was to die for).

My love affair with A Reverie continues and I doubt it will stop for a long time.

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