Time\'s Running Out To Enter The Morning Call Holiday Cookie Contest

Time is running out to enter the fourth annual Morning Call Holiday Cookie Contest.

If you have a spectacular, all-from-scratch holiday cookie recipe, you have till Tuesday to enter the contest. Previous winners have ranged from traditional favorites such as Italian rainbow cookies, cut-outs and peanut butter Kiss cookies to more modern cookies such as salted caramel cashew bars and peach fruit squares.

We’ve also had amazing gluten-free cookies and delicious healthy treats in our contest.

Some contestants have shared treasured family recipes and the stories behind them. Some recipes were entered to honor family members who have passed away. Other recipes brought back fond memories of childhood and growing up watching Grandma make the same cookies.

Source : http://www.mcall.com/entertainment/dining/mc-ent-time-running-out-to-enter-holiday-cookie-contest-20171110-story.html

Time's running out to enter The Morning Call Holiday Cookie Contest
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