Where Have The Saucy Apples Gone? Plus Other Food Questions Answered

Q: I made a southern chicken casserole for the first time last night. It was... eh. Part of the problem was I let the sauce thicken too much, but the other problem was that there wasn't a ton of flavor. The recipe basically called for sauteeing some chopped onions, red peppers and celery, adding milk and flour to make the roux, and then adding cooked, shredded chicken and mayo at the end. It did call for hot sauce, and I added some cayenne and chipotle ground pepper for some more heat and a little complexity, but they definitely weren't enough.

Source : http://napavalleyregister.com/lifestyles/food-and-cooking/where-have-the-saucy-apples-gone-plus-other-food-questions/article_72b6bf8a-6b95-5ead-a21c-a44b6dd5b2a7.html

Where have the saucy apples gone? Plus other food questions answered
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