Will Travel For Food: Aunt Daneise\'s Recipe Box

It wasn’t only classmates, neighbors and school chums. My mother and my aunt both rented cottages in Grand Mere on Lake Michigan in Stevensville, Michigan, when I was growing up and so we spent summers at the beach there. My mom was just the opposite of Daneise, she was very quiet, she liked to garden, she worked at a library for 50 years until retiring at 70 and she spent a lot of time reading. Aunt Daneise was a story teller and people collector — though she didn’t have huge piles of New Yorkers and New York Times like you’d find at my parents. Indeed, I’m not sure I ever saw any reading material at my aunt’s except for the Catholic newsletters her church sent out and the TV guide. She didn’t have time. Nevertheless, they were great friends until the day my mother died.

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Will Travel for Food: Aunt Daneise's recipe box
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