Very tasty salad — «The Queen of Spades»

Very tasty salad — «The Queen of Spades»


Very tasty salad — «The Queen of Spades»
Beet salad should take rich burgundy. Salad can be refilled and mayonnaise, and olive oil.
— 1 beet
— 1 pickle
— 2 cloves garlic
— 35 g of walnuts
— 1 apple
— 80 g mayonnaise
— 35 grams of prunes
To prepare the salad you need to take boiled beets, pickled cucumber, walnut kernels, green apple, prunes, garlic and mayonnaise.
Beets peel and grate.
Prunes pour hot water and leave to swell, and then removed from the water, dry them, remove the seeds and chop sticks.
Pickles finely chop.
Garlic cloves from dry clean shell, finely chop and then grind into mush.
Apple peel and seeds, grate.
Kernels lightly browned in the oven and grate or potoloch.
Connect beets, nuts, apples, plums, cucumbers and garlic.
Mix all ingredients and season with mayonnaise. Top salad sprinkled with crushed nuts.


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